Saturday, October 3, 2009

TUI, Title Fight, Lion of Judah, Mindset, Troops of Tomorrow

Just got back from this show and it ruled so much. Troops of Tomorrow started it off really good. Their a fairly new band but the stage presence was great and the music even better. Mindset ruled. End of story. Lion of Judah was good but not really what I expected from the few recordings I'd heard. The guitars went from heavy hardcore to almost nu metal sounding riffs making for a real....interesting sound. Overall though I liked em. Then Title Fight played. Immediately the room was a swirl of people running up to the front and jumping off the stage. Unfortunately most of the people jumping off were pretty big guys and didn't stay up too long. Title Fight is a great band and this show was a perfect example. Finally after waiting for them all night, Trapped Under Ice played. They were soo fucking good. Right off the first song people were running around and dancing. I think the highlight of the set was during Half a Person, when nearly half the crowd ran towards the stage to sing along. All in all, this was a great show.

Heres some pictures of Mindset.