Monday, November 28, 2011

I haven't posted on here in so long but Mark Jubert inspired me (like always). This blog is empty because I kept deleting everything off it when I got embarrassed about dumb things I said or did. I was so dumb. Not just for doing those dumb things but for trying to erase them from existence. I wish I still had those posts. I wish I still had those memories. The best part of my life is declining and rapidly coming to a close. I yearn for more time. For more interaction. Have I touched the lives of enough people? Will I be remembered? These questions haunt me. I feel as if I've already been forgotten by most of the people I used to call my friends. The core group is still with me, and I think they will be for a long while. But I question these failed relationships and passing friendships. What purpose did they serve? Were they just time killers? Meaningless spots on my life used to fill gaps left by lack of occurrence? I'm assured I will come to the answers eventually. I'm going to start keeping a journal every day. I need to have my thoughts written down so I can come back and reflect. Search for patterns of interaction to discover my purpose. Until then, I'll probably revert back to tumblr and being too lazy to actually write anything, as opposed to just reblogging.